Ways to Donate

Donate with PayPal

PawTown Angels never know what the extent of the financial costs associated with saving particular dog will be. Sometimes the costs for boarding, training, and most importantly medical care are simply overwhelming.



Shop with AmazonSmile

Do you shop on Amazon? Who are we kidding, everyone does! If you shop using AmazonSmile instead of Amazon, Paw Town Angels will automatically get a donation from every eligible purchase! Setting up an AmazonSmile account is easy, and you can shop just like you would normally. Click the link below and setup your account!

Fry's Community Rewards

Do you ever shop at Fry's? If you do, please enroll in the Community Rewards program and select Paw Town Angels as your beneficiary. Then, when you enter your phone number at checkout, Fry's will automatically donate to our rescue at NO COST TO YOU! Registering is EASY! Just follow these step-by-step instructions below.

The Facts:

  • $20 pays to adopt the dog off the kill list.

  • $60 pays to adopt the dog off the kill list and get important tests such as heartworm and tick fever.

  • $100 helps to pay for to spay and neuter and animal, other medical expenses, and boarding when the rescue saves a dog before a foster is found.

Thank You to all of our Donors

So many people CARE about our mission and want to help but don't know how. Many people cannot adopt or foster, but providing financial support is just as important. Join the Angels in saving lives! We are grateful for the support!